SEO or search engine optimization is as it says - optimizing your website for search engines. But I do more than that!
This is how I handle SEO:

Target the right customers

For every business it is important to know their market and to target the right people. With a website that promotes a bakery for example, it is well possible to get website visitors that were looking on Google for cakes, while you maybe only sell bread. You might think that is a good thing because they might be still interested in some cookies that you sell. However, more visitors will click away and over time your ranking for that key word and also your overall ranking will decrease. Aside of that, there is no good in getting visitors that you cannot please. For that reason I make sure your website will give a clear message to search engines and visitors about what you actually sell or do.

SEO Targetting


The popularity of your website can be measured with the number of visitors, how they behave on your website, how many other websites are referring to your website and the reviews for your business. Some of these parameters may seem hard to control, however, with some intelligent and intuitive methods I can give your popularity a boost.

SEO link building

Make sure search engines understand the information on your website

Search engines have bots that scan your website and will filter out information with algorithms. While these algorithms are very advanced and do their best to get correct data from your website, they still can make mistakes and they often overlook valuable information. To help these bots get the right information from your website, there are some strict rules for semantics (the way the code is written) and there are specific tags and schemas to highlight specific information. A few years back it was all about meta descriptions and that is how SEO started for many people. However, these days search engines like Google barely use these meta descriptions for text and instead it scans all the text on your website. With clean, structured and added schemas for structured data, I can guarantee search engines will pick up the right information from your website.

Search Engine Optimization - coding

Some of my projects with optimized SEO