If you think online marketing is expensive, it may be you couldn't be further from the truth.
Compared to advertising in magazines or monthly regional newspapers, online marketing can be much more efficient and get you better results. Regional newspapers can be good for brand awareness (to build a name) but when it comes to getting clients, online marketing is a clear winner.

Online Marketing Price

Take for example someone who is browsing for more information about a product or service, or they know what they want and are just looking for a place to get it. Online advertising can make your business pop up in that buying process. By that time it is likely that they forgot your advert in the newspaper, or even never saw it. With the presence of your business at that moment, your client is just a mouse click away.

Digital marketing - social media

I have experience in running ad campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook. With a Google and Facebook business account, I can setup your advertising campaigns while you can keep an eye on everything and stay in full control.

Online marketing - ads

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