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Urgent need for an update

Steens Tool and Die is a tool and die maker based in Tauranga. The company has also machines to run production of small to medium sized plastic products.

Before I met the owner, the company went through some changes and the old website was not up to data anymore. This was however not the main reason to update the website. The company website had been hacked and that was even visible in the Google search results, damaging the reputation with spam.
The hacked website had to be dealt with immediately and search engine results with spam had to be removed asap. Furthermore, a new website was needed with up to date content.

I have taken the site down immediately and replaced it with a static web page. To remove the spam on Google search , I have submitted multiple requests to Google and proved to them the site was clean from spam.

The website I have built for Steens Tool & Die has industrial look and shows some examples of the work they do. It also features a contact form to easily get in touch for enquiries.

As a result, there are no more spam messages in the Google search results related with the company. The website gives now a clear message to visitors what they do and contacting them is now a mouse click away.

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