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Antique & Collectables business with a world of knowledge

Rotorua Antiques & Collectables is a lovely licensed Antique dealer with more than 40 years experience. They have a large collection of antique instruments, jewellery, fine art, military, objects d'art, Crown Lynn, collectables and retro, ....

The aim of the project was to get more visitors in store and also to get in contact with more collectors.

I made a website that shows the type of items that can be found in the antique store. As collectors are often after something particular, I also included a live Instagram feed so visitors can see the latest items in store.

To connect with collectors I also made a Facebook business page that goes together with the Instagram account. Both co-owners can easily upload pictures via Instagram that will go on their facebook page and on their website.

With a strong ranking for Antiques related keywords, visitors can now easily find the shop.
The active followers on Facebook and Instagram are kept up to date with the latest items in store and now also become customers when they see something interesting.

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Client Feedback
Chris Cameron – Co-owner

“Employing Gert to create a website and undertake online marketing for us has been one of the best things we have done since starting the business. He is very professional and went the extra mile for us. The resulting website exceeded our expectations, has literally put us on the map and increased our business profile immeasurably. Our shop, while in the CBD, is a little out of the way and many customers have located us by going online. Gert is a pleasure to deal with and we now regard him as a friend.”