Gert Meeusen

Who is Gert?

I'm a freelance web developer based in Rotorua. I gained a masters degree in ICT quite some years back and spent a few years in IT related industries where I developed more insights in managing projects. A couple years back I decided to pick up my coding skills again and to put all my energy and focus in building websites. With now many courses completed, I am up to date with modern standards. Also the 10.000’s lines of code written and the successfully completed projects make me confident to say that I am back up to speed!

Why hiring me?

My clients choose me because of my dedication to build something that works for their business and because I have the same web design and development competencies as some agencies while keeping costs low.
When I start a new project with a client, I make sure I understand what their business is about, what their goals are, and the need of their target audience is. That way I can provide them with an effective solution on a high standard.

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